About Us

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Who is ZayeDella?

Our mother Adella puts dedication & heart into all products she creates. From cooking, sewing, crafting, and innovating she does it all with love. Her passion to create, and innovate is what gave her the motivation to make Natural Products for not only women, but for men too. Often many product lines cater primarily to women, but she insisted that we make everyone Feel Good About Looking Great!!

Zaye who is the son of Adella collaborated with his mother to begin this family business. With Zaye having a background in Healthy Hair Care, Styling, and Innovation made the idea of our family business a great vision. The vision of starting a family business has always been a idea, however after receiving so many raving reviews from samples we created this Mother & Son duo decided to make it official.

ZayeDella Products travels to several expos a year to meet, network, and educate consumers on what our brand is all about. We participate in several events to give back to the youth in our communities yearly. One of our annual events is our Black History Step Show & Natural Hair Showcase which brings youth together for a good time celebrating our history. We look forward to many more opportunities in the future to make a difference in our schools, youth centers, and local communities.

Our company's mission is to bring forth quality ingredients beneficial for all hair types & textures while maintaining healthy hair, and glowing skin. Our products have been showcased on Fox News DC during No Shave November in 2018, and 2017. Be sure to follow us on social media at IG: @zayedellaproducts