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Voice of the Customer

-How did you hear about ZayeDella Products?: My barber used mango supreme after my cut

-Product Review: I recently tried mango supreme and the beard glaze and I was not disappointed in the slightest. Mango supreme has my hair and skin moisturized and smelling great. My lady can keep her hands off the mango supreme and is why she'll be buying my next batch lol. She has eczema and can't just use anything so the fact that it works so well for her says a lot. The beard glaze is dope as well. Keeps my beard nicely sheened and skin from being irritated. Can't say I'm surprised though because from what I know of zaye... anything he is associated with is gonna be official. Great products! I can't wait to try more. They've really gained a lifelong customer

-How did you hear about ZayeDella Products?:Social Media

Product Review: Let me tell you, Not only does the products smell amazing but they genuinely make my hair and beard feel and smell amazing. I have been utilizing their products for a little over a year now and I tell you one thing, I am a highly satisfied customer. @chefanthonydc

-I recently purchased the peppermint basil shampoo and conditioner and can I say I LOVE IT! Smells so good.
P.S. shipping was fast and the customer service is great, I always get a handwritten note with my purchase

-I received compliments from the smell of the Beard Glaze and I instantly saw results.  All 3 of the products created softness and growth with my beard in only 1 month. I would recommend this product to anyone looking of immediate results.

-I use this product to moisturize my hair and body.It dissolves easily into the hair and skin leaving a wonderful fragrance

-The fruit and herbs oil is so easy to apply to the scalp.I use the applicator tip, to apply to the scalp and roots of the hair.  I massage the clients scalp afterwards and the clients love the soothing feeling of the oil and the refreshing fragrance.

-They work wonderful and smell awesome

-"Thanks for the plug" to my homeboy and beard model Otis Dowtin. His beard is always neatly maintained. I asked the secret and he pointed me in your direction. Stay tuned. Review forthcoming

-This is the best hair products every me and my whole family use these wonderful hair products I love it everyone need to use these products.

-Hey ZayeDella fans and supporters....I'm one of ZayeDella's biggest fans as well....Zaye and his Mom,Della are good-hearted,sincere people people that strive to make customers, happy and satisfied! They are offering good quality,All natural,Hair, beard and skin products. They always offer Superb,excellent,friendly, genuine customer service! Please do your body and hair a Favor and Check out ZayeDella essentials today!

-The mango supreme smells wonderful and also leave your skin feeling very soft all day! Thanks Zaye Della

-It smells great!

-I must admit... I was one who used standard haircare products for my beard until a family member told me about a specific brand months ago. I purchased it and it was okay. Then...a friend told me about zayedella essentials, suggested I try it out and WOW...the beard line is amazing. Each product of the line works together...the aromatic qualities are light and fresh. I would recommend bearded gents experience it for themselves. I did and it's my go to line now!


-These products are the best! I use them on mine and my daughters hair. The products smell so good, and their not heavy on their scalp, nice and light for daily use!

-I love all of ZayeDella Products. The Mango Supreme has a pleasant tropical smell, and leaves hair feeling soft, and shiny. I also use Mango supreme on my body also. My friends all love ZayeDella Products, and this product line will be one I will continue to use as a hair stylist.

-When I first started using the Mango Supreme Conditioner and the Fruit and Herbs Oil my hair was thinning and my hair line was thinning, now I have a head full of hair, people this product works and it's all natural ingredients, Thanks Zaye!

-Your products is the best!!! The facial cream was amazing and I look forward to using more of your products!!!

-I am addicted to the fruit and herbs oil, it smells so yummy and gives my hair such great shine! The Mango supreme smells edible too (please don't try it lol) but its creamy texture leaves my hair feeling light and not weighed down with product. I absolutely love both of the products.

-I love the products! I've seen a lot of beard growth in such a short time! My beard is so soft and healthy now that I've been using the products. I also love the comb as well it is great and very easy to store away.

-I just love all the products made by Zayedella, especially the mango butter and the fruit and herb oil.I really need more Mango butter ?? Keep making great products #BLACKPRODUCTS

-I have used several products from zayedella, the Best Ever.Keep up the great work and please keep making the mango butter, I'm in the process of getting more, I fell in love with it!!!

-I ADORE the Mango Supreme. It's like a MILLION in ONE. You can use it to moisturize you hair or moisturize your skin leaving you smelling like fresh mango ALL

-I love ZayeDella's Beard Glaze!!! A friend had a sample, which I permanently "borrowed." When I started getting low on the sample, I began stalking him for the creator's contact information, because I couldn't do without it. I love not only the scent, but also the way it conditions and softens my beard. When I spoke with the creator, he inquired about my other grooming needs and habits, and recommended the Mango Supreme. I was sold just on the description of the scent and the conditioning ingredients. Both items mailed immediately upon ordering them, AND came with a nice, personalized and hand-written note. Great products at a reasonable price coupled with excellent customer service make for the ultimate win-win!!! I look forward to being a satisfied customer for many years to come!!!

-I've used the beard glaze and wash for about 4-5months and I have never come across an all natural product that actually WORKS!!! it has made my beard so soft and full and it SMELLS WONDERFUL... my daughter said she wanted to EAT MY FACE! LOL

-I think the products are fabulous. I love the way my hair shines now since I have began to use ZayeDella.

-I love these products! The fruit and herb oil helps keep my hair moistured and a all day natural shine!, which for me is sometimes a task because I have dry hair! One of the best natural oil products on the market!

-I originally ordered this beard glaze for my boyfriend but when I opened it and caught the amazing aroma, I decided to keep it as a repair oil treatment for my hair. I guess I'll have to get him a separate one because I love it! It's very thick so I don't leave it in while I go to work but I put in my hair as I'm lounging on lazy days, let it work it's magic, and then just wash it out in the shower. The smell is absolutely amazing and the glaze is so nourishing that with any remaining residue I have left on my hands, I massage it into my skin. I will probably be purchasing more from Zayedella! Great product!

 I love the herb and botanical oil!!! It’s so amazing and has worked wonders for my hair!!! It smells amazing as well, and it’s great for your hair in this very cold weather we’ve been experiencing.