My Hair Goals vs. Me

What is a Hair Goal?  This goal is where I want the overall condition of my hair to be in the future.  Depending on the individual these goals are anticipated to be reached more sooner than later.  When setting these goals we must ask ourselves a few questions.  Am I expecting too much out of my hair? Are my expectations ever gonna be reached based on my lifestyle choices?

There are many cases where people are doing everything right, but feel like they just can’t win.  Why is that?  In some situations it’s hereditary that hair is thin, or men bald in late twenties, medication side effects, health conditions, or maybe your hair patterns are not your favorite because they impact your hairstyle preferences.  Without a doubt we can’t have a “perfect head of hair” if genetics or health issues don’t allow.  This is why I feel it’s extremely important to take care of our hair, and not make it worst.  What do you mean worst?  Well, If you know your hair is thin stay away from styles that cause tension, pulling, pain, and excessive weight on your hair.  If it hurts or causes discomfort potential permanent hair loss could be next.  Trust me I know the feeling.  It’s nothing worst then walking around feeling like your hair is tugging, snatched back, or burning!

Most of us have extremely busy lives and our hair sometimes gets neglected.  Its hard go to the salon sometimes every week to get your hair done.  Trust me I get it!! I’m also guilty of not always providing my own hair with the best care.  I’m on the go, and hair be looking foolish!  If you have high expectations make sure that your actions go towards improving the overall health of your hair.  Drink plenty water, eat lots of fruits & veggies (Spinach is my fav hair booster food), and massage your scalp sometimes that really works.

If your having hard issues with you hair, and feel that it’s not looking up to par for you look at it from this perspective.   Hair Goals = What I Desire, What I Dream of Having One day, or maybe even How I hope my hair stays.  The Vs. Me= Everything being done to either contribute to my goals or that works against my goals.  I do not recommend paying hundreds of dollars for these overnight magic grow supplements!  I beg you save your money! Keep it simple as possible.  Take it nice, and easy while setting realistic goals.  If you need a second opinion about your hair or the overall condition of it I would recommend to you ask a hair care expert.  Depending on the situation you may need to consult your physician.  Please just make sure you tell all the details, and not leave anything out.

I’m closing this Blog by saying treat your hair like Royalty.  The overall health of your hair is within your control! Take small steps, face the facts, and remember everything you hear on social media is not always true!